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Make HVAC System Restoration a Top Priority

After a flood, hurricane, or bout of heavy rain, homeowners in Pearland, TX likely have a lot on their plates. Once you’ve taken care of the basics—keeping your family safe and healthy—the next step is restoring your home.

That means focusing on damage to key components to your home such as the HVAC system. Our team can provide thorough diagnosis services for your system and swiftly repair any problems that might be present.

We Offer HVAC Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

We all want to live and work in as comfortable an environment as possible. With a great air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality system, you can ensure that this is the case. Of course, great equipment alone cannot guarantee your comfort. You must also schedule your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and commercial HVAC services in Pearland, TX with a skilled, trained professional. Call the technicians you can count on at Vanderford Air, Inc.. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need to maintain comfortable conditions throughout the year.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Services or AC Repair in Pearland, TX?

Few items are as necessary in this part of the country as a dependable air conditioner. Make sure that your AC is able to offer you the outstanding cooling performance that you need and deserve. Call a member of our team to schedule professional air conditioning services in Pearland, TX. We’ll take care of everything necessary to protect your comfort during the hottest time of the year. We even offer a great selection of mobile home AC units.

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Pearland

AC Installation: If your air conditioner is improperly sized or installed, there is just no way that you can expect it to operate as efficiently or effectively as possible. Schedule your air conditioning installation with us, and enjoy the great cooling performance that you need to make it through the summer months comfortably. We install quality systems only, including mobile home air conditioners.

AC Replacement: Is your air conditioner on its last legs? If so, you can trust us with your air conditioning replacement. We guarantee that we can help you find the air conditioning system you are looking for. Call now to explore your options.

AC Repair: When your air conditioner shows any signs of trouble, take them seriously. Don’t hesitate to contact the air conditioning repair pros on our team. When it comes to the condition of your AC, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Did you know that our technicians can repair just about any make and model? Regardless if you have a new, high efficiency model, or an older AC unit, our experienced team is ready to help. For fast and affordable AC repair in Pearland, contact the pros at Vanderford Air, Inc.. 

AC Maintenance: Keeping your air conditioner in great working condition is important, and routine air conditioning maintenance is by far the most effective way in which to do so. If you want to maintain a quality performance from your AC, professional AC maintenance is a must. Schedule service today.

Ductless Air Conditioning: Air ducts are an effective way in which to distribute conditioned air throughout a building. Compromised air ducts, however, can lead to many different problems, such as poor indoor air quality and reduced efficiency. If you want to avoid such issues completely, ductless air conditioning is a great way to do so.

Do You Need A Heating System or Heater Services in Pearland, TX?

Yes, Texas is very hot for much of the year. No, this does not mean that your heater is any less important than your air conditioner is. A good heating system is necessary if you want to live comfortably during the chilliest time of the year. Our heater services in Pearland, TX will provide you with everything you need to stay warm and comfy when temperatures drop.

Heating Installation & Repair 

Heating System Installation – A heating installation is not the type of thing you can roll the dice on. Only a skilled, trained professional can install your heating system properly, ensuring its safe, effective operation. To learn more about your heating installation options, call us up today.

Heating Repair – We wish that we could suggest a way in which to avoid problems with your heater entirely, but this is just not possible. Your heater is going to encounter some trouble eventually. When it does, remember to schedule professional heating repair immediately. The longer you wait to do so, the more likely it becomes that the issues with your heater will do serious damage.

Furnace Services – Gas and electric furnaces are among the most effective and popular of all heating systems. Make sure that yours gives you the best performance possible. Schedule your gas and electric furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services with a member of our team to keep your furnace in great working condition.

Heat Pump Services – By using existing heat in the air outside to warm your home, heat pumps are able to do so with great efficiency. Plus, they can reverse their operation in the summer to cool your house back down. If you are interested in heat pumps or any heat pump services in Pearland, TX, just give us a call for more details.

Ductless HVAC – Ductless heating is a great opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of central heating with none of the issues that air ducts can suffer from. Ductless heating systems allow for simple zone control, and will not waste any energy used to heat the air they distribute due to leaky ductwork. Call now if you think that ductless heating may be right for your home.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Pearland, TX?

The temperature of the air is very important in terms of comfort, but it is far from the only factor that matters. In fact, the quality of the air is every bit as important. To boost indoor air quality in Pearland, TX, though, you are going to need some help from the pros. One of our IAQ specialists can help you enjoy the great indoor air quality you deserve.

Whole Home Air Filtration – A great air filtration system is necessary if you hope to live in a clean, healthful home. Air quality is not something to mess about with. If you want your indoor air quality to satisfy your every expectation, allow us to install and service your air filtration system.

Whole Home Air Purifier – If airborne or biological pollutants are dragging down air quality in your home, the right air purifier may be the solution you need. Determining which air purifier is the right one is the tricky part, though. That is why you must enlist the services of a professional IAQ technician to guarantee that you are treating the problem effectively.

Whole Home Humidifier – A humidifier may not be necessary in every home, but for those full of dry, low quality air, they can make a world of difference. Why put up with dry, itchy skin and aggravated allergy symptoms? Use a whole–house humidifier to bring your humidity levels back up to where they belong.

Whole Home Dehumidifier – Very humid air can lead to very uncomfortable living conditions, as well as wood rot and the promotion of mold growth. If your air is too humid, it is time to consider the installation of a whole–house dehumidifier in Pearland, TX. Contact us to discuss available models.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Air Duct Cleaning – If your ductwork is dirty within, there is really no way in which you can expect to heat and cool your home without problems developing. This ductwork can spread pollutants throughout your home just as easily as conditioned air. Professional air duct cleaning is the only way to restore your ducts.

Air Duct Sealing – Don’t let leaky ductwork drag down your indoor air quality while driving up your utility costs. Schedule your professional duct sealing with a member of our team, and know that your air ducts are in outstanding condition. We are always here to help you heat and cool your home more effectively.

Insulation Services – Whatever type of insulation you may need, including fiberglass blown–in insulation, we are the technicians you can count on to install it properly. Call now if you want to heat and cool your home with improved energy efficiency. Great insulation can ensure that you are able to do so.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Pearland, TX?

Commercial HVAC – Commercial property owners have enough on their plates without worrying about uncomfortable conditions within their buildings. This is why you must schedule your commercial HVAC services in Pearland, TX with us. We will provide you with everything you need to keep your clients, customers, and tenants comfortable all year long.

Commercial Heating – Your commercial heating services must be top notch if you plan on heating your commercial property efficiently and effectively. We’ll see to it that they are. Not only will we help you choose the right heating system for your needs, but our commercial heating installation, repair, and maintenance services will ensure that your heater works at peak performance levels.

Commercial Air Conditioning – Considering the intense heat of our summer season, your commercial air conditioning services should be a top priority. Nobody wants to visit a commercial property that is swelteringly hot within. Schedule your commercial air conditioning services with us, and know that you are able to cool your commercial property effectively.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality – Poor air quality is every bit as detrimental to your overall comfort as poor temperature. That is why you should call a pro to handle your commercial indoor air quality services, as well as any other residential or commercial IAQ or HVAC services in Pearland, TX that you may need. Vanderford Air, Inc. is always available to get the job done right.


Local Reviews
for Pearland, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

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Awesome Overall Experience

I was very worried about contacting a company I wasn't familiar with as they could have told us anything they wanted and charged anything they wanted. We are over 65 and have heard numerous horror stories of seniors being taken advantage of in many cases. When I began searching the internet for a/c companies, Vanderford caught my eye. The information and professionalism of the website was impressive and the reviews were stellar. I was still skeptical as I had not heard the name but we decided we'd call for a free estimate and call another company as well. We had prayed for guidance in this process and we believe we got it. When Les Hickman came to our home, I let my husband meet him initially and waited to see what he thought. Les explained everything and was very knowledgeable with absolutely NO pressure. My husband came and told me how impressed he was with Les so I had him go out and get Les to come back inside as he was about to leave. He had already sent us an email showing 3 different proposals. I met him and was immediately put at ease. He answered my questions and let us make our decision for the product we felt was best for us. Les is very professional as well as personable. Tiffany set up our financing up in about 10 minutes & our new system was installed the next day. If anyone is in this situation, and reading reviews on Vanderford, get off the fence. You can trust Les and his entire staff to tell you the truth and you will have a very pleasant experience in the midst of a very unpleasant situation.

Map of Pearland, TX

Outstanding customer service

Contacted several AC companies on a long weekend holiday when my AC stopped working. Vanderford contacted within a few hours, set up a late evening appointment. The receptionist was really friendly and easy to talk to. Sean who came to our home explained everything clearly and recommended the best new system for our home. Sean even left a portable AC unit so we could sleep comfortably. New AC system was installed the next day and by the time we got home from work our home had a great AC system working. It's been a month and best investment we ever made and every question I have has been answered promptly. I difinatly recommend Vanderford to anyone.

Map of Pearland, TX

Great value and service

Very pleased with my experience. Great explanation of what my home needed and the different options available. Good pricing and great value.

Map of Pearland, TX

Great service! Reasonable price. Very knowledgeable staff!

I have been using Vanderford Air for the last few years and have always been impressed with their ability to address issues and repair problems in a timely manner. Will has been my technician the last three visits including for the most recent purchase and installation of a new AC system. Will is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. The installation team was professional and courteous thoughout the process. Will made sure that I was comfortable with the new system and understood all the features on the final walk through. I have already recommended Will and Vanderford Air to my friends and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!

Map of Pearland, TX

Great Service!

Sean came out explained everything great and gaves the best price for what we needed.

Map of Pearland, TX

Professional from start to finish

I needed a new central air condition system for my home. My old system was not performing well. The previous owner had piecemealed the existing unit by just replacing the condenser, which was twelve years old while leaving the existing 28-year-old evaporator and furnace in place. I got three quotes for the job. I called Vanderford Air and spoke initially with Jennifer. I eventually spoke with both Jennifer and Heather; both were always completely professional and friendly and answered all my many questions during this complete project. Les Hickman contacted me to arrange for an on-site visit to assess my needs. He did a heat load calculation on my home to determine what size unit I actually needed to achieve the proper humidity inside my home as well as efficiently cool my home. I wanted a high efficiency 2 stage-condensing unit, which includes a two cycle Copeland scroll compressor and a two-speed condenser fan. I needed a new furnace as well as a new evaporator, matched with the condensing unit along with a properly matched expansion valve. I had already researched the new Daikin systems and thought I knew what I needed. Daikin offers an unbelievable 12-year parts and labor factory warranty. Les suggested a 36,000-42,000 BTU all aluminum evaporator to be able to achieve the best SEER rating achievable within my price range. He also suggested a 100% stainless steel furnace matched for our Texas climate. Les gave me a quote for the purchase and installation of the entire installation, including other additional aspects to the job that I had requested. Vanderford Air’s quote was much lower than the rest so I gave the job to Les. Les sent an installation crew to my home with everything they needed to do the work. Kennedy and Hugo did outstanding and professional work to install everything to my satisfaction. We have had the new system for two weeks and are very pleased with the performance. Thank you again to everyone at Vanderford Air for a job well done.

Map of Pearland, TX

Very happy with Vanford Air from begining to end!

From the time I called the office, through the installation, and even until the detailed walk through with Les, I felt like I was valued and in good hands. The office staff is kind and helpful which is getting to be rare these days! When Les came out to review our current units and give us proposals, he spent so much time educating me about my current system and how AC/heater units work in general. That way when he gave me several options to replace one or both systems I could make a more confident decision. Ultimately we choose to replace both units with a larger system that would function for the whole house. The team that came to do the installation was on time and polite. They worked quickly and I felt comfortable with them in my house. The installation took two full days, and each day a supervisor from Vanderford Air come to check on the progress. I think my favorite part about doing business with Vanderford Air was the walk through that we did with Les AFTER we paid for the system! He came out and spent almost 2 hours helping us set up the zoning and the time settings. He also took us up to the system and explained how it would work and what to do to get the most out of our new system! (we upgraded to a multi-stage unit) Having this walk through ensures that I get the most out of my new AC. I am a happy customer and will continue to use and recommend Vanderford Air! They really did EARN this 5 star review!

Map of Pearland, TX


Great and very polite people to work with. Les Hickman is great explaining everthing about the ac and heating system.. Weeks sold me the wrong size unit for my blower up stairs.. I highly recommend Vanderford AC and Heat to anyone which they are located in Dickinson.. Thank goodness for my son-in-law looking out after me that recommended Les to me.

Map of Pearland, TX


I had a very pleasant experience with Vanderford AC.They were True to everything thry said they would do.Les h. gave me a option on the conversion to one unit which save me money and made my house so efficent.This has made my family very happy.. I would reccomend this company to all my friends .Thank you.

Map of Pearland, TX

Very Professional Service

I had my first checkup today through Vanderford Air's "USA Plan" and was very pleased with the service provided by Will Tran. Will discovered a very weak capacitor that could have caused further damage if not replaced. And as a member of the USA Plan, I received the added benefit of a discount and extended warranty on the part. Will was very polite and professional and made sure he answered all of my questions. Because I had a concern about the AC, he even checked a part of the system not typically covered during the fall checkup. I was very impressed with the service and will be sure to ask for Will when it's time for our spring checkup.

Wayne Rice

Wayne was extremely professional and nice made me feel he was really checking everything thoroughly and completely

great service

Nice guy, on time and fixed the problem. Thanks!

NEW HVAC Without a Hitch

The worst happened, the breakdown of a 15 year old system. Sean came out, assessed the situation and made recommendations. We went with the replacement unit we felt both fit the house and our needs. Sean set up the installation and it all came out, as sold. We are very happy with the unit, the service and most of all Sean's attention to us and our needs. Thank you, Sean!

Excellent service

A huge thanks to Sean.

Amazing service, awesome technician!

I will be using your services again! 5 stars!

New system

Great service, highly recommended