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Heating Repair Services Need to Be Available 24/7

Winter is on the way and cold weather is already here. When the temperatures drop below freezing, a reliable heating system becomes far more a necessity than a luxury: keeping your family comfortable and safe no matter how far the mercury dips. We strongly recommend conducting regular maintenance every year at about this time to minimize the risk of a breakdown over the winter

Even with regular heating system maintenance, however, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong over the winter. And when it does, it doesn’t always choose normal business hours to take place. A heater might break down in the middle of the night, for instance, turning your home into an icebox in a matter of hours, or during the weekend when you can’t simply wait until Monday.

In those moments, you need a service that isn’t going to tell you to wait. Quality repair technicians are available anytime, day or night. They understand that people can’t always wait on a problem and that getting it fixed immediately is far more than a matter of convenience.

Troubleshoot First

If you do have a call that requires emergency 24/7 services, make sure it really is a problem with the heater and not some fluke that can be easily corrected. First, check the thermostat and make sure it hasn’t been accidentally turned off (or the timer altered without you being aware of it). If that doesn’t work, check the breaker switch controlling power to the heater. An electrical surge may have triggered it and caused the power to shut off. Reset it if it’s been switched and run the heater again. Only if the breaker is triggered a second time should you call in an electrical repair service.

Spot the Symptoms

While you should never attempt to formally diagnose a problem with your heater–it requires formal training and licensing–you can spot the signs of trouble and note it for the repair technicians. That can help them narrow down the source of the trouble and get it fixed so you can get back to bed. Common symptoms of trouble can include the following:

  • Lack of Power, often triggered when there is a safety issue like leaking gas.
  • Low Air Flow, caused by something blocking the ducts or perhaps an issue with the fan mechanism.
  • Low Heat Levels, caused by anything from clogged burners to breaches in the duct system.
  • Strange Noises, meaning anything you don’t normally associate with the normal functioning of your heater: groans, hums, chirps, whistles, and the like. In most cases, they will stop and start in time with the starting and the stopping of the heater itself.

At Vanderford Air, Inc. we provide 24-hour service throughout the Kingwood, TX area. But we go further than that with our Same Pay, Night and Day guarantee. We charge no overtime to come to your house when you need us and work through the night to get your heater up and running again quickly. Give us a call today!

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