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How Can a UV Air Purifier Keep Your Home Free of Germs?

Germs are microorganisms that can cause various illnesses and diseases. Due to an exponentially increasing population, we are all more vulnerable than ever to the harmful effects of germs. This means that you should take every measure possible to ensure that your environment is germ-free. While this is difficult to achieve in public, it’s easy to achieve in your household, especially with advances in modern technology. Specifically, UV air purifiers are a popular method for eliminating many germs from your home.

At Vanderford Air, Inc., we specialize in installing UV air purifiers in your home, which can lead to maximum health and wellbeing. In this post, we’ll give a brief overview of UV air purifiers, explaining how they can keep your home free of germs.

What Is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV (Ultraviolet) air purifier is a device that uses UV light to interfere with the reproductive capacities of various airborne pathogens. In particular, UV light breaks down the DNA structures of these organisms as they pass through your air filter, which causes them to die off over time. In this sense, UV purifiers do not kill pathogens but render them ineffective. Then, the air that contains them is removed from the room and replaced with cleaner air.

UV air purifiers are considered extremely effective at killing mold spores as well as decently effective at killing airborne bacteria. Additionally, UV air purifiers increase the efficiency of the air filtering systems they are complementing. This results in a synergistic effect that helps minimize the presence of germs in your household.

Feedback System

Many studies have shown that when germs are minimized, homeowners experience less sickness, which allows for an optimally functioning brain. In fact, researchers are beginning to connect brain fog and decreased cognitive performance with many common allergens that are prevalent in homes. This is because these allergens cause difficulty breathing, which restricts oxygen to the brain.

In addition, when we have difficulty breathing, we cannot sleep as well, and sleep is critical for optimal cognitive performance. And of course, when we get sick, we just generally don’t think as clearly or logically.

Alternatively, when we use UV air purifiers, a positive feedback system results. Essentially, we breathe in cleaner air, retain our health and clear thinking, and remember to constantly maintain the clean air quality of our home. Thus, UV air purifiers empower us to be diligent about minimizing germs.

Final Thoughts on UV Air Purifiers and Germs

We think it’s important to understand the connection between air purification systems like UV filters and the prevalence of germs. Ultimately, investing in a UV air purifier can maximize cognitive performance and prevent people from getting sick. If your health has been suffering lately and you think it might be connected to various allergens and germs in your house, then we recommend the installation of a UV air purifier.

At Vanderford Air, Inc., we specialize in the installation of UV air purifiers throughout League City, TX. If you want more information about UV air purifiers or want to get one installed, call today!


Jun 4, 2018 | Indoor Air Quality