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Why You Should Never Fix an HVAC System Yourself

Springtime usually means repairs for your heating or cooling system in the event they run into trouble. For furnaces and other heaters, the weather has become warm enough to shut them down until the fall, and any problems that cropped up during the winter can be properly addressed. For air conditioners, it means dealing with any problems that may cause trouble later in the summer, when temperatures are soaring and your AC needs to perform on a daily basis.

In both cases, the mild weather or spring provides a window whereby you can repair your HVAC system without having pressing need of it: saving you a lot of trouble and consternation while allowing you to schedule any needed repairs at a time of your convenience.

We pride ourselves on self-sufficiency here in Texas, and that can often lead enterprising homeowners to attempt such repairs themselves. This is a big mistake. Only trained HVAC professionals should even attempt to diagnose such problems, let alone repair them. Why? There are some very good reasons.

Training and Licensing

HVAC systems are delicate and complex, and one system may be very different in form and function than another.  Addressing any issue – indeed, even identifying the causes of any issue – requires more than just consulting a manual or watching a video on YouTube. It means formal training and licensing to identify problems across multiple symptoms, as well as the purpose and function of each individual component. It also means formal testing and licensing to confirm those skills, allowing professional repair technicians to diagnose the issue accurately and take the most effective steps to correct it.


Experience counts when it comes to HVAC repairs as well as forma training, and in this arena, there’s simply no substitute for a trained professional. Even the most adept layman has likely never encountered a given problem with their HVAC system more than one or two times at the most.

An experienced professional, on the other hand, has dealt with the same issue dozens of times, perhaps on a weekly basis. And they have experience with a broad range of different systems, which means they don’t have to play guessing games with the particular nature of the problem. That, in turn translates to a fast and accurate assessment of the damage to your system, and an efficient repair job that fixes the issue the right way.


In some ways, insurance means exactly what you think it does. A bonded and insured company protects both themselves and their customers in the event the unexpected occurs. But it also means that you’re provided with estimates of the cost of the repairs up front. That will spare you any surprises midway through the procedure and enurse that you know exactly what costs are involved when repairs begin.

Contrast that with trying to perform repairs yourself: leaving you on the hook for any additional damage that may be inadvertently occurs (including injuries in the worst cases).

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May 7, 2018 | Air Conditioning