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Air Handlers

Service for Residential and Commercial Air Handlers

air handlerAn air handler works hand in hand with your air conditioning unit to keep your indoor space comfortable. The air handler is responsible for distributing cooled or heated air effectively throughout your house or commercial building. 

The AC unit is located outside and houses the compressor and condenser coil. Meanwhile, your air handler typically contains the blower, air filter, and evaporator coils. Your air handler may look somewhat like a furnace. This unit operates all of the heating and cooling components of your air conditioning systems. 

If you’re still confused about the different parts of your air conditioning system, give us a call. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer your questions and provide you with an inspection to determine if you’re in need of air handler service.

Common Air Handler Problems

Your HVAC system’s air handler has mechanical components that need to be working properly for your system to function. Here are some common problems your air handler may experience:

  • Blower Motor Failure – Blower motor failure requires the assistance of a professional air conditioning specialist. There are several reasons why your blower motor may fail, but a technician can identify the problem and decide which parts may need to be replaced.
  • Cluttered Airflow Path – The area around your air handler can become clogged with dust and debris, which prevents proper airflow to the handler’s internal components.
  • Irregular Filter Maintenance – Regular filter changes will help maintain airflow through your air handler and keep your coils clean.

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We can help you choose the right type of air handler for your system. For example, brands like Trane and American Standard have all-aluminum coils instead of copper, which means a longer system life. They also offer products with a modular design that allow for installation in tight spaces without the need for expensive remodeling. 

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