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Powerful Indoor Disinfection with Klean®

Introducing our innovative Klean® Room Solution

No home or building is safe from bacteria, viruses, or mold. Pathogens can live on surfaces and in the air, and cause sickness to spread quickly.

Existing products alone can’t mitigate the threats posed by existing and emerging pathogens. Klean® was specifically designed to provide a long-term solution that tackles microbial growth, mutation, and transfer of these organisms inside your home or business. It keeps working to kill pathogens for months after its original application.

Continuous Disinfection for 3 to 6 Months

Current disinfectants can kill pathogens on contact, but only when allowed to stay wet for the prescribed dwell time. Most of the time, these solutions air dry or are wiped off before the recommended dwell time, leaving the lingering microbes alive and still potent.

Our advanced solution is exactly the opposite. Klean® is an EPA-registered, non-toxic, water-based product that acts as a surface barrier protectant against harmful viruses and bacteria. It reaches its full strength AFTER it dries. 

Klean® can protect treated surfaces for up to 180 days in high-touch areas, and even longer in low-touch areas. Building structures treated with Klean® and then covered up by drywall have been known to protect against mold spores for many years.

Klean room

Applying Klean to Your Home or Business

1. Clean

Before applying the product, we need to start with a clean air delivery system. This prep work involves thoroughly cleaning your air ducts and overall HVAC system. We can take care of these services for you to help streamline the process.

2. Deep Cleaning with Advanced Technology

Using state-of-the-art rotating brushes and powerful negative pressure vacuum systems, we tackle the interior of your ductwork. Our equipment is specially designed to dislodge and remove dirt and debris from each duct run. This method not only cleans but also protects the integrity of your ductwork, ensuring that it functions efficiently and effectively.

3. Sanitizing with Anti-Microbial Fog

After the ducts are cleaned, we apply a high-quality anti-microbial fog throughout the system. This treatment is essential for eliminating any lingering bacteria, mold, and viruses, thereby sanitizing the air circulating through your home or office. This step ensures that the air you breathe is not only clean but also healthy

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