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If you’ve noticed an accumulation of minerals on your taps and faucets, your fixtures or appliances need to be replaced more frequently than usual, or your skin feels excessively dry, you probably have hard water.

Houston’s water supply is sourced from various ground and surface waters. These contain high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, leading to the characteristic hard water problems you may be experiencing. These minerals can shorten the lifespan of household appliances, leave behind stubborn residue on surfaces, and contribute to skin irritation.

The best way to counteract hard water is an effective water softener system. We offer installation and repairs on top-of-the-line water softeners for homes and businesses throughout Pearland, Sugar Land, south Houston, Galveston, and the surrounding communities. 


Signs You Have Hard Water

Some signs that you may be dealing with hard water include: 

  • Excess soap scum
  • Faded clothing colors
  • Low water pressure
  • Lower plumbing efficiency leads to higher water bills
  • Mineral stains on your clothing
  • Spots on your glasses, silverware, dishware
  • Residue around plumbing faucets and fixtures

If you have lived with hard water most of your life, these results may seem inevitable to you. But thanks to our affordable solutions and flexible financing options, you can enjoy softer water in your home thanks to Vanderford Air & Plumbing.


Damage Caused by Hard Water

One of the biggest cons of hard water is the effect it has on plumbing. Hard water can leave behind deposits in plumbing pipes, leading to issues such as clogs and reduced water flow. It puts extra strain on household plumbing appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, reducing their lifespan over time. 

Hard water can also affect our skin, clothes, and hair. This water can make it harder to get the soap off of your skin and out of your hair once it has been applied, leading to drier skin. It can also cause hair damage, breakage, and even loss with prolonged use.

Water Softener Options

To combat the issues associated with hard water, many households and commercial properties install water softeners. Water softeners work by removing the minerals that create hard water and replacing them with sodium ions, making the water softer and easier on your plumbing, clothes, hair, and skin. 

The benefits of a whole-home water softener system include:

  • Less soap scum
  • Longer lifespans of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Reduced unsightly spots and stains on dishware and clothing
  • Softer, less itchy skin
  • Money saved on plumbing bills, replacing plumbing fixtures, and appliance repairs 

Because of these benefits, water softening systems can be an investment that pays itself off over time in the money you save on water bills, plumbing repairs, and more. 

Water Filtration Systems

Primarily designed to remove contaminants from water such as sediment, chlorine, and specific pathogens, a water filtration system can improve water taste and odor.

With Vanderford Air and Plumbing’s expertise, ensure your family enjoys clean and safe water every day.

Water Softeners

These specifically target minerals that cause water hardness, namely calcium and magnesium. An Ion Exchange softener replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions to soften hard water, with installation at the main water line. A Salt-Free softener avoids adding sodium to your water, beneficial for those on low-sodium diets.

UV Water Softeners

This system utilizes ultraviolet light to target bacteria and viruses, delivering microbiological purification and often pairs with other softening technologies. Particularly beneficial for ensuring water is free from harmful microorganisms, leaving you with crisp, clean water that tastes great.

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If you are beginning to notice the signs of hard water or have already been dealing with its negative effects for some time, we can help. We’ll find the right water softening solution for your property, then get started on a fast and reliable installation. 

Or, if you have an existing water softener in need of repairs or maintenance, our team is ready to get the job done. Contact us now to schedule same day service for your water softener.